Politici de reducere a șomajului și de creștere a gradului de ocupare în România

Anca Maria Elisabeta ODOBLEJA


Labor market policies have become a necessity given that unemployment remains a worldwide problem. The issue of social protection for the unemployed and employment is addressed generally by two types of social policies: passive labor market policy measures (representing financial support for the unemployed) and active labor market policy measures (whose objectives are to assist the unemployed in finding a job). The increased emphasis on active labor market policy measures is noted even in Romania, and their success stems from the attenuation of the institutional factors, the demographic ones or from the correlation between demand for qualifications and the educational system offer, and the characteristics of the unemployed person, as well as from the number of people who were employed after participating in them. This paper highlights the important role of active policies that aim towards increasing employment in the labor market, underlining the importance and impact on the ability to rapidly adapt to changes that occur in the labor market in Romania; concurrently, applying the same measures in the counties and finding differences in measures depending on the unemployment rate, differences that confirm the matching between existing needs and offered services.

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active and passive labour market policy measures; unemployment rate in Romania; employment; labour market.

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