Special Issue

Special Issue 2018

Civil Service Reform

Civil service is at the heart of any administrative system and directly linked to the concept of good governance. Structure, effectiveness, efficiency, interconnectivity, flexibility, autonomy or other attributes of the civil service have ripple effects directly on the way the administrative system works and further upon the entire society. Because of its essential role played in the broader mechanism of governance, it has been a constant subject for research and academic debate in the last five decades. Civil service reform movements have taken many shapes and sizes but they are all meant to achieve, in the end, one thing: a better civil service and a better governance process.


The topic of civil service reform is very broad, so original contributions on any topics directly related to it are welcomed, such as (but not limited to): reform of the civil service (overview) or specific focus on different categories (senior civil servants, street level bureaucrats, public middle managers), leadership role of civil servants, structure and functioning of the civil service, influence of civil servants on public policy, motivation of civil servants, innovation and learning in the civil service and so on.


We strongly advise the authors that the work they send includes a research/empirical part.


The special issue comes out in December, thus the articles should be submitted before the 1st of September 2018.


Contributions will be submitted to the following address: redactia@rtsa.ro. Authors should comply with the same requirements and formatting rules which apply for regular issues.