The Role of the Leader in the Integral System of Ethics Management in Municipalities

Rita Toleikienė, Diana Šaparnienė, Włodzimierz Sroka, Vita Juknevičienė


Seeking good governance at local self-government, ethics management is a significant function in a public administration organization, in line with transparency, accountability, responsibility, openness and efficiency. Leadership is a key factor in driving organization towards ethical culture. Given this fact, the aim of this article is to disclose the role of leaders of the municipality in the formation and implementation of the integral ethics management system. The integral system of ethics management in the municipality is measured through the ethics management measures, processes and structures from the perspective of leaders at the political and administrative level, taking Lithuania as a case for the study.

Quantitative research in the form of a structured and standardized questionnaire was used. Research sample includes 274 respondents from Lithuanian municipalities. The findings of the research show that the political leader– the mayor of the municipality– is more symbolic one, more as supporter of the ethics management in a municipality, while the administrative leader – the director of the administration (head of the division) – is considered as the main figure in ethics management processes, as well the initiator and the personal example of ethical behavior.


leader; leadership; integral system of ethics management; municipality; political and administrative layers; mayor; administrator.

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