Study on Foreigners' Perception on Romania's Image as Tourism Destination

Ruxandra Irina POPESCU, Alina Georgiana PROFIROIU


Romania’s image worldwide is a major priority for our public authorities. The aim of this study is to identify foreigners’ perception on Romania’s image as tourism destination departing from three research hypothesis: foreigners’ perception on Romania’s image as a result of Romanians behavior inside and outside the country’s borders, foreign visitors’ perception on tourism services and level of knowledge of Romania’s tourism brand across the borders. The research gathered the opinions of 1.150 foreigners from 10 countries using a questionnaire that integrated variables corresponding to the research questions. The survey was carried out in 11 representative places for foreign tourists’ visits, as well as on the internet, using the website, which allowed the selection of foreign citizens that have visited Romania at least once. The research is relevant not only from the perspective of its direct results regarding foreigners’ perception on Romania’s tourism brand, but might as well be seen as an instrument for analyzing the preliminary results of the campaign ‘Romania, explore the Carpathian garden’, that started in 2010 and is still in progress.


country brand; national image; tourism; strategic development; survey.

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