Management și leadership în sectorul public. O analiză comparativă a conceptelor

Călin HINŢEA, Tudor ŢICLĂU, Gyorgy JENEI


Public administration in Romania has come a long way compared to the beginning of the 90’s and important reforms have significantly changed the administrative system. Although at formal level concepts like management and leadership have been taken into account in the reform process they still have problems in being implemented as functioning elements of everyday administrative life. The current paper is focused on these two major concepts used both in theory and in practice in the field of public administration: management and leadership. Both of them are analyzed, but with a focus on leadership, especially on what differentiates leadership from management and respectively leaders from managers. The aim is to create a clear picture regarding the relation between the two, with common elements and specific differences that will help understanding their importance for a modern administrative system.

Cuvinte cheie

leadership; management; administrative reform; leader vs. public manager.

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