Impactul finanțării investițiilor din fonduri europene asupra comunităților locale. Studiu de caz: Primăria Municipiului Carei, județul Satu Mare

Ionuț Nicolae Goloman, Felicia Cornelia Macarie


The year 2007 represented for Romania an important moment in terms of the development possibilities of local communities. This aspect is due to the fact that our country has acquired the status of a member state in the European Union, the new opportunities being a direct consequence of the possibility of accessing and implementing non-reimbursable European funds. Local public institutions play an important role in the mechanism of attracting these funds, which are so necessary for the development of communities and also for increasing the quality of life of citizens. The main objective of this paper is to analyze the impact of attracting and implementing non-reimbursable European funds. The research used two methods: the analysis of the documents, and the application of an interview guide to the people who occupy management positions within the City Hall of the municipality of Carei. The goal was to identify the number of European projects with non-refundable funding for which a funding request was submitted, respectively the number of projects approved and implemented in the two cycles: 2007- 2013, 2014-2020. At the same time, the following indicators were also of interest: the share of revenues from non-reimbursable financing in the total revenues of the local budget, respectively the financial allocations within the U.A.T. Carei for the development-investment chapter of co-financed projects. This study may present a certain degree of usefulness to decision-makers in the municipality of Carei because it offers a retrospective of the financing situation of investments from European funds in the last 14 years through the lens of a quantitative and qualitative research.

Cuvinte cheie

local public authorities; European funds; citizens’ quality of life; local development.

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