Formarea profesională în administrația publică din România în timpul pandemiei de COVID-19

Constantin Marius Profiroiu, Corina Cristiana Nastacă, Claudiu Emanuel Simion, Mădălin Valentin Drăguț


The article aims to conduct an analysis regard­ing the professional training process of the public personnel from the Romanian public administration, in the 2020-2022 period. With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the field of professional train­ing has experienced a series of emerging changes, that had a major impact on the management of the professional training, in general, and training pro­cesses, in particular.

The research method used consists of an opin­ion survey, conducted with the self-administered questionnaire, designed by the authors, based on the main studies and researches in the field. The ques­tionnaire was sent to public institutions in the cen­tral public administration, under the subordination/coordination of ministries. 239 respondents agreed to participate in the study.

The research revealed that the public personnel from public administration prefers the professional training process to be conducted in the classical and mixed systems (blended learning). In addition, benefits of the training process in the online system which can be developed, in order to optimize this type of training, were identified.

Cuvinte cheie

professional training; public adminis¬tration; the COVID-19 pandemic.

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