Participarea universităților din România la Programul Orizont 2020

Maria Teodora Hudrea, Dan Tudor Lazăr


The financial aspect is perhaps most strongly related to Romania’s accession to the EU because it opened our way to the five major funds, but the most important aspects related to our accession to the European Union are connected to our rapid evolution that was necessary to allow us to adapt to a new social, economic, and political reality. In this context, the participation of Romanian universities in the Horizon 2020 Framework Program has paved the way for the internationalization of Romanian ed­ucation and research, development, and innovation. It is important to note that the Horizon 2020 funding program was not only a source of funding but also a launching pad for researchers from all over Europe, as it allowed them to become known internationally.

The main purpose of this article is to analyze the participation of Romanian universities in the Horizon 2020 financial program. The analysis of the partic­ipation of universities in the Horizon 2020 funding program gives us a perspective on the steps taken by educational institutions towards development or strengthening research, development, and innova­tion (RDI) in the context in which universities are one of the essential elements for this sector.

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Horizon 2020; European funds; universities; research and development.

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