Întocmirea și transcrierea actelor de stare civilă ale cetățenilor români aflați în străinătate — aspecte teoretice și jurisprudențiale

Ana Elena Ranta, Diana Nicoleta Vlaicu


Through this paper, we intend to perform an analysis of the legal provisions on the drafting and transcription of civil status documents of Romanian citizens obtained abroad, taking into account the im­portance of civil status documents, as an attribute of identification of individuals and as the main mean of proof of marital status. In addition to this, in the context of exercising the right to free movement of European Union citizens, we pay attention to the problems encountered by the Romanian citizens in their relations with national or foreign authorities, in interpreting and applying the legal provisions regard­ing the procedure of preparing and transcribing the civil status documents. Moreover, we considered necessary to focus on some practical cases, an approach that highlighted the need for qualitative improvement of the relevant legal provisions and for the simplification of the procedure analyzed.

Cuvinte cheie

civil status; civil status documents; transcription of foreign civil status documents; proof of civil status.

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