Administrație publică digitală — propunere de model de transformare digitală a instituțiilor publice

Alexandru Roja, Mihaela Boc


The digitization of public institutions is a mandatory endeavor that should be continued at an accelerated pace. The changes that are taking place in all aspects of society determine the need for a digital transformation of public administration, in order to meet the new demands of society and the growing expectations of citizens. The performance and efficiency of a public administration is already evaluated also in terms of the level of digitization. The digital transformation process is a complex one, involving not only public institutions, but also citizens and other different stakeholders in the community. This article aims to present a model of digital transformation of public institutions starting from mapping the current situation and focusing on the needs of citizens and the challenges encountered in this endeavor.

Cuvinte cheie

digital transformation; e-governance; digital public services; digitalization of public administration; digital skills.

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