Agroturismul și rolul autorităților publice în acest sector

Daniel Buda


Over the past decades, there has been an increasing awareness of the impact of agritourism on the sustainable development of rural areas, given the fact that it can play an important role in the diversification of the agriculture, farming and tourism sectors. The present article analyzes the challenges and opportunities of agritourism, and the way in which it can change the competitiveness and quality of farms, underling also its positive effects on employment. Moreover, a deeper common recognition of the crucial implications of agritourism could allow and even generate more consistent political support – both at national and EU level – and a potential direct integration of this sector into rural policy funding schemes. In this context, we also analyze the role of the public authorities in identifying the most effective ways to promote and develop agritourism.

Cuvinte cheie

rural tourism; agritourism; public authorities; sustainability; European Union.

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