Construcția strategiilor de dezvoltare locală în arealul rural al zonei metropolitane Cluj-Napoca

Ionut Catalin Hadadea


This paper aims to analyze the construction of local development strategies for the rural areas of the Cluj-Napoca metropolitan area. It identifies the steps during the planning process from the state of the initiative, to implementation, and mon­itoring. In the context of the exponential growth of Cluj-Napoca and of the villages from the metropol­itan area, there is a constant need for clearly ar­ticulated, comprehensive, and accurate strategies. For this we analyzed a series of factors such as the involvement of stakeholders and citizens, the assessment methods, the efficiency of the imple­mentation, evaluation and monitoring plans, and the strategic document as a whole.

Cuvinte cheie

public management; local development strategy; strategic planning; rural communities.

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