Politici și strategii de implicare a migranților și a membrilor din diaspora în dezvoltarea statului de origine

Cristina HARUȚA


Nowadays many nation states regard their citizens that are residing abroad, frequently referred to as members of transnational or diaspora communities, as possible partners for political, social, economic and cultural development. To harness the development potential of both diasporans and migrants, states of origin can frame viable policies and strategies for their engagement. This article contains a brief inventory of the main theoretical references that pertain to (1) the current conceptual meanings of the term ‘diaspora’, (2) the interpretations that emphasize the role of migrants and members of diaspora as agents of development, and (3) the types of strategies that states of origin can employ in formulating diaspora-oriented policies meant at cultivating and facilitating the positive influences of migrants and diasporans.

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migration, diaspora, diaspora engagement policies and strategies, sending countries/ states of origin.

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