Accesul la informaţiile de interes public – obligaţie legală în sarcina autorităţilor administraţiei publice. Studiu de caz privind gradul de accesibilitate al informațiilor de interes public comunicate din oficiu

Ana Elena RANTA


Acces to information of public interest has be-come, in the recent years, one of the most important criterion, according to which a society is assessed as a functional democracy, and, at the same time, is one of the fundamental principles of citizens – public authorities relations. In this feld, changes made to the legal framework of post-communist countries have occurred progresively and slowly, after more than ten years since the fall of the communist re-gimes. The adoption of the law on access to infor-mation of public interest has opened the path to a transparent process of governing and has led to the increase of public institutions’ responsibilities but the mere existence of this law is not a guarantee for signifcant changes unless completed by sustained efforts coming mainly form public administration.

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information of the public, access to information of public interest, accessibility of infor-mation, ex-offcio public information.

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