Administrația publică locală online. Analiza reglementărilor și a comunicării online a primăriilor și consiliilor locale din reședințele de județ din România



The paper is an analysis and a review of online communication of the city halls and local councils from the county seat municipalities of Romania. First, we conducted a full analysis of the legal framework consisting of regulations regarding the online communication and we clarifed some basic concepts. Based on the regulations we conducted an analysis regarding the hard indicators rooted in the legislative framework and the soft indicators that are the effective communication, transparency and accessibility. Based on an analysis of the criteria, we created a matrix having a scale referring to the volume of the information content and a scale re-ferring to the effciency of the communication and to the accessibility. The matrix was used to classify public institutions from county seat municipalities of Romania.

Cuvinte cheie

local public administration, regu-lations regarding the online administration, online communication, the image of the local public insti-tutions, accessibility.

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