Abordări moderne legate de politica bugetară: politica fiscală şi politica de cheltuială publică

Paul Vasile ZAI


The article is trying to present in a modern approach the budgetary policy, detailing the budge-tary policy, the fscal policy, the expenditure policy, the procedure for adopting budgetary policies and the actors involved in budgetary policy. The budge-tary policy is the policy which depicts the economic relations in cash that arise in the distribution of gross domestic product in relation to the administration functions and duties of the state.The actors participating directly or indirectly in making budgetary policies are: voters, politicians, political parties, interest groups, pressure groups and the technical apparatus of the local and cen-tral government. Adopting a budgetary policy must consider local fscal and budgetary policy, without mentioning whether it should be adopted.

Cuvinte cheie

budgetary policy, fscal policy, ex-penditure policy, actors of budgetary policy, adop-tion of budgetary policy.

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