Implicarea autorităților publice locale în exercitarea obligației de întreținere

Daniel BUDA


Maintenance obligation can be approached in at least two ways: as part of the legal relation referring to the the maintenance obligation established by law, between those persons provided by law, but also as a form of human solidarity giving the fact that it is based on family relationships and sometimes on the affnity that exists between the creditor and the debtor.In this context, it is necessary to analyze both the general and the special legal provisions to know the elements that defne the maintenance obligati-on, but also, its specifc character and particulariti-es which can be identifed in those cases involving special categories of people, such as, the elderly or the minors.Last but not least, it should be emphasized the role of the local authorities which are not only over-seeing the fulfllment of the maintenance obligation by the persons prescribed by law, but also, they are having a crucial involvement in the establishment of the maintenance obligation. In addition to these, in those situations when the legal provisions referring to the maintenance obligation are violated, the local authorities take the necessary measures so that the maintenance obligation is fulflled in the beneft of those persons who are the debtors of this obligation.All these aspects are analyzed in the following article, giving to every citizen the possibility to have an overview imagine about the maintenance obli-gation.

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maintenance obligation, local authorities, solidarity, debtors and creditors of the obligation.

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