Rolul turismului în dezvoltarea rurală. Strategie de dezvoltarea turismului în Beliş, judeţul Cluj, România

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We reached a moment when we need to realize how important it is for the rural space to fnd an alter-native for rural development under the present eco-nomic conditions. The present paper points out the need for new approaches regarding the sustainable development of rural space and aims at recommen-ding the most appropriate strategies and projects that need to be implemented in order to develop tourism in the Beliş commune, Cluj-Napoca county, Romania. Rural areas in Europe are becoming more and more varied in what concerns elements like demography, social and economic structures, thus the perspective about rural areas has to change. Rural areas are sites with numerous resources, which could be capitalized not only for agricultural purposes. The purpose of this paper is to develop strategies for expanding tourism in poor rural areas, even though these regions are considered areas of a less touristic quality. Practicing tourism in these areas may be considered an instrument for rural development.

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ural development, reimagining the rural, strategic plan for tourism development.

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