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In the Romanian public sphere a fault line is noticeable between the two pillars of public communication: the citizen and the public authorities, despite the fact that we live in a time of extensive development of communication means and also that, in its essence, public communication means more than simply to inform the public. Also, in the economy of the process of building the public immage of a public institution, all registers of public communication bring their contribution, but external communication, especially media relations, are of strategic importance in realizing this goal. From both perspectives, the present paper shows that there is a large diversity of instruments available to public institutions in working with the media (press release, press conference, interview, etc.) and that the media can fully contribute to the realization of all forms of public communication, provided there is instututional willingness for this matter. To conclude, between any public institution and the media there must exist professional colaboration relations, based on mutual respect.

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public immage; public communication directions; mass-media; press release; press conference.

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