Aspecte privind noțiunea serviciului public în context actual



Difficult to be understood and defined, the notion of public service is used in very diversified areas, saturated with multiple meanings, which overlap. In the Romanian specialized literature it is considered that the notion of public service has become again a basic notion in administrative law. Public administration from commune, town and county levels, together with the state, as organizational forms of life and activity for the their members, is meant to continuously and permanently ensure the necessary economic, social and cultural living conditions. Public service can be understood as the organization of a functional system that aims to serve a national or local collectivity; meeting the needs of the collectivity represents the fundamental goal of central or local administration. In relation to the category of general interests that are to be satisfied, some of these .public services. are organized only by the state, other can be organized by local collectivities recognized by the state. In the former case, we talk of state public services, in the latter one of public services of the commune, town or county, depending on the case.

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