A Case Study. A Policy Perspective on East Lansing's Urban Redevelopment Agenda

Bogdana NEAMŢU


This case study represents the outcome of a four-month training at Michigan State University, USA. Due to the support and collaboration of professor Roger Hamlin, I had the opportunity to spend a short period of time inside the Urban Planning Department of the East Lansing City Hall. The case study presents the strategy of the city in the area of urban redevelopment; the analysis focuses on the specific mechanisms used by the local public administration in order to partner with the business sector and to induce private investments that would presumably lead to economic growth inside that community. I consider that the American experience in the field of urban planning and urban redevelopment can be extremely useful and valuable for policy makers from other countries too. One of the aims of this case study was to also point out how various institutional arrangements can be adapted to the Romanian context. The text boxes used throughout the presentation represent a summary of the lessons or best practices that one can draw upon from the experience of a small American town.

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