Abordări privind descentralizarea cheltuielilor bugetare în Uniunea Europeană

Paul ZAI


This article is trying to present how decentralized budgetary expenditures at E.U. 27 level are. For our analysis we employed Eurostat data for all ten types of expenditures from E.U. level. Even if the number of E.U. members increased in 2013 (Croatia also became a member) we mention that our analysis period does not include the last state. We also found that the following types of expenditures are very decentralized: environmental protection expenditure in Cyprus, the comfort of housing expenditures in Lithuania and health expenditures in Denmark. The most centralized expenditures in the E.U. member states are national defense expenditures.

Cuvinte cheie

decentralization; budgetary expenditures; EU 27.

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