Administrative Judiciary in Poland in Search for Fairness and Efficiency - an Overview

Andrzej SKOCZYLAS, Mariusz SWORA


The 2002 reform of Polish administrative judiciary introduced two – instance system of administrative courts. The main aim of the article is to analyze some of the novelties that are to ensure fairness, cohesion and effectiveness of the administrative judiciary in Poland. First parts of the article are devoted to present in brief the historical and present organization of the administrative judiciary in Poland. In the subsequent parts authors present the problem of cohesiveness of the judicature, mediatory and ‘simplified’ procedures and staffing. Referring to the available data, authors argue that new procedural tools (mediation, simplified procedures) are gradually gaining more acceptance. On the other hand, a lot has to be done to develop ADR means in the pre – trial stage and make them a popular way of administrative dispute resolution.


administrative judiciary; Poland; efficiency; administrative courts; public sector; administration;

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