Analysis of Requirements and Design Approaches for Romania from the Perspective of Eu Services Directive

Cătălin SILVESTRU, Codrin NISIOIU, Cosmin RENTEA, Alexandru PAVEL, Laura MINA


The IT implementation of the EU’s ServicesDirective contributes to the goal of creating themost competitive and dynamic knowledge-basedeconomic region in the world by the year 2009.Modernizing public administration is the basis forimplementation of the EU directive, and in order toensure this successfully, collaborative proceduresbetween administrative institutions and countriesmust be put in place and further developed. Thispaper will present the concept of points of singlecontact, cover topics such as the vision for thesepoints in relation to the EU Services Directive,some technical design options and an analysisof necessary requirements for an architecturalframework that takes into consideration the specifice-Government background of Romania.

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