Organizational Diagnosis - a Management Tool for Change. Case Study in Satu Mare County Hospital

Cătălin BABA, Răzvan CHERECHEȘ, Tudor ȚICLĂU, Cristina MORA


Most human activities are the product ofcoordinated actions performed by individualsworking as a team rather than individuals workingalone. Thus, the processes through which theyaccomplish their tasks, change, decide andrelate to each other inside an organization isessential. This paper is about the importanceof Organizational Diagnosis in management ofchange. Organizational Diagnosis is an essentialstep in every initiative of change, and with everchanging environment in which flexibility andcreativity are proving to be key values, mostmanagers are interested in questions regardingthe nature of organizational process and structure,human relations, and nature of change. The paperpresents such a case of using organizationaldiagnosis as a management tool in a changeprocess inside a health care organization. Usingthis tool has helped the management team identifythe existing gaps between “what is” and “whatshould be” and has increased the chances of asuccessful change process.

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