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The research is taking into consideration the policies implemented in 2009 by the Ministry of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, Trade and Business Environment in order to support the small and medium enterprises’ access to European nonrefundable funds and also to cut the red-tape, a major objective of the European Union, stipulated by the Lisbon Strategy for SMEs. The first major results of changing the public policies for small and medium enterprises was a large increase of the number of projects submitted by the business environment in order to receive non-refundable EU funds and, subsequently, an increase of private investments made within the productive sectors of the economy, an increase of the number of work-places accessible in private companies and, last but not least, a qualitative increase of the competition among Romanian private companies and their competitiveness.

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small and medium enterprises; Lisbon Strategy; Romania; Small Business Act; non-refundable EU funds.

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