Performanță organizațională în organizațiile non-profit. Studiu preliminar în fundațiile comunitare

George Florin Vlas


The study or evaluation of organizational performance may be considered a sensitive subject, because it is a complex concept, which takes into consideration too many variables. Therefore, it requires resources and a great effort. But, if it is adapted to the needs of the organization and to its characteristics, in the community in which it functions and to its resources, it may help the organization develop a set of indicators, which could evaluate performance at organizational level and help it improve organically and in a sustainable way.

Community Foundations are non-governmental organizations which could develop and implement such a system, especially when such intentions exist, but they have to be correlated to the specific of the community and to the organizational strategy. Foundations have to think in terms of performance in order to reach performance, to develop a performance evaluation system, all connected to the individual performance of each team member.

This study is meant to be a preliminary one and its purpose is to answer some performance-related questions in the community foundations in Romania: what is organizational performance, which indicators of performance evaluation could there be and to what extent is there a necessity of an evaluation system in Romanian community foundations?

Cuvinte cheie

organizational performance; community foundations; non-profit sector; evaluation; pilot study.

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