Sport și comunitate. Dinamica unor programe operaționale dezvoltate în contextul unui oraș european al sportului

Ovidiu Blag


The study is grounded on the practical necessity to develop the Sport and Community Working Group’s Strategy as a component of Cluj-Napoca’s Development Strategy for the 2014-2020 period. We consider our demarche to be timely exactly because it is based on emphasizing and substantiating into public awareness the competitive advantage that Cluj has. On one hand, we refer to the values that sport imposed over time, and on the other, to the declared intention of those in charge to further invest in community sport. The strategy and our approach are based on academic and practical studies in the field of sport, aiming to develop a coherent and concrete model based on operational programs. We therefore get into the details of twelve operational programs, each being introduced through a general description, methodology (manner of implementation), main estimated benefits and current status of implementation. The obtained conclusions generate an overview, as well as perspectives for future development of some operational programs meant to make our lives better by simply emphasizing sport activities in each citizen’s everyday life.

Cuvinte cheie

sport; community; development strategies; operational programs; diversity.

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