Componenta de gen în cadrul comisiilor din Parlamentul României

Ada Tudorică


Although research has shown that female representatives are more liberal, less capable of handling national security, budget and economy, foreign policy, and are more adept at dealing with social welfare issues like education and health care, this article aims at discussing and presenting the gender balance within the Romanian Parliament permanent working committees that are said to be further away from women’s interest. We will be discussing the gender imparity of the following three committees from the Chamber of Deputies: the Committee for Economic Policy, Reform, and Privatization, the Committee for Budget, Finance, and Banks, and the Committee for Industries and Services. As for the committees within the Romanian Senate, there are four such committees: the Economic Committee for Industries and Services, the Committee for Budget, Finance, Banking Activities and Capital Market, the Committee for Economic Development and Strategy, and the Committee for Regional Development, State Assets Administration and Privatisation. The gender component of each committee will be analysed during the last three legislatures: 2008-2012, 2012-2016, and 2016-2020. After analysing the gender balance within each committee, we will focus on the legislative drafts that the women within each committee put forward, as well as the possible laws that have been adopted in the legislative process.

Cuvinte cheie

gender parity; Parliament; working commitees; political representation.

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