Unele consideraţii cu privire la controlul exercitat de prefect asupra colectivităţilor locale

Alina Georgiana PROFIROIU, Cristina TITIRIŞCĂ


Local autonomy is not the equivalent of an absolute freedom of the authorities through which it is exercised, given the fact that, since it can be achieved only within the principles governed by the rule of law, it has certain limitations established by law. Thus, it is imperative to balance the size of the local autonomy, as recognized for local collectivities, and the requirements of the principle of legality; it is within this balance where the reason for the institution of the prefect must be sought out. By being the representative of the Government in the territory, the head of the decentralized public services of ministries and other central bodies of the administrative-territorial units, the authority of administrative tutelage, as well as the guarantor of compliance with the law and the public order on local level, the prefect has an important contribution in order to correlate local interests with the ones of the central level.

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administrative contentious, prefect, administrative tutelage.

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