Moștenirea vacantă – Implicații la nivel european. Atribuțiile Statului Român în culegerea moștenirilor vacante cu element de extraneitate

Daniel BUDA


Given the relatively high mobility of individuals at the level of the European Union, as an expression of the free movement of people, it is necessary to have an evaluation of the EU legislation in the area of unclaimed/vacant inheritances. The necessity for this evaluation results out of the fact that the state, through its public authorities, collects this category of inheritances, becoming, following some special provisions, the owner of mobile and immobile goods. Also, the state will become the holder of rights and obligations in connection to these goods, having the obligation to secure the juridical protection of these goods as well as having the right to collect the benefits of the inherited goods.

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Vacant inheritance, Romanian state, property, juridical protection.

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