Principiul consultării cetăţenilor în soluţionarea problemelor locale de interes deosebit

Melinda CENUŞE


The principle referring to the consultation of citizens for solving local problems of special interest is established in articles 2 and 3 of the local public administration law. This law presents the above mentioned principle as a principle applicable to local public administration. In this study we corroborate the local public administration law with the law regarding the organization of the referendum. So, in this context, we consider appropriate to discuss about the referendum as representing the main method to implement this principle. Local referendum regarding local problems of special interest can be organized in any administrative territorial unit. Citizens are invited to vote yes or no on the question submitted to the referendum, deciding with the majority of valid votes. The referendum’s object and date is established and made public at least with 20 days before its date. The local referendum can be organized in a single day, which can be only Sunday.

Cuvinte cheie

principles of local public administration; local public administration authorities; local referendum; Romania; citizen participation.

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