Înţelegerea migraţiei - Un pas spre un management efectiv al diversităţii

Vasile Adrian CĂMĂRĂŞAN


Migration is a phenomenon with considerable implications on both the society of origin and, especially, on the society of insertion. Often motivated by economic reasons, migration produces significant impacts on communities, contributing, as well, to the enrichment of their cultural background. At the same time, cultural exchanges within the insertion communities are real challenges to the societal management. In this respect, understanding the mechanisms, the implications and the management tools represents, for sure, an important step towards an effective management of diversity. Of these, the specific rights that protect the identity of ethno-cultural groups in a community, is one of the most important dimensions of social integration. The proposed analysis envisages an overview on migration as a source of intercultural community and highlights the specificity and complexity of the specific rights that contribute to diversity management.

Cuvinte cheie

migration; community; diversity; ethno/cultural groups; specific rights; social rights.

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